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ArtisanWorks provides boutique consulting and advisory services for specialized risk management, insurance operations, claims management, and targeted, industry staffing and talent solutions.  We focus on risk and insurance data, analytics, processes, methodologies, and practices.  

The Artisan Works Group is an advisory and consulting practice with a particular focus risk and insurance claim and operations solutions.  Recognized as an innovative, specialty consulting firm, ArtisanWorks is highly regarded for our forward-thinking approach, our enthusiasm for collaborating across disciplines, and our authoritative industry awareness.

Our specialized risk management, litigation management, data science, tangible asset valuation, claim solutions, and staffing programs afford enterprise scalability and significant operational cost reductions, all while maintaining the highest customer service levels.

Since 2002, we’ve delivered critical thinking.

Practice Areas
Claims Management and Third Party Administrator, TPA, Claim Solutions | The Artisan Works Group
Risk and Insurance Digital Transformatio and Disruption | The Artisan Works Group
Managed Services Sourcing, Insurance Staffing, Branch Assist | The Artisan Works Group
Risk and Insurance Litigaton Management
Consulting Sub-Practices
Risk and Insurance Audit Services, Claim Audit | The Artisan Works Group
Insurance Claims, Complex Claims | The Artisan Works Group
Insurance Planning, Catastrophe Planning, Contingency Planning | The Artisan Works Group
Tangible Asset Valuation, Underwriting, Appraisal, Inspections | The Artisan Works Group
How We Work

One size does not fit all.


Your organization requires a bespoke suite of specialty services.

ArtisanWorks applies true domain expertise through knowledge experts, crafted to your specifics.

Flexible, scalable, integrated, agile, and comprehensive claims solutions allows you to leverage The Artisan Works Group's core competencies and knowledge experts, ensuring successful outcomes.

ArtisanWorks has the process, equipment, methods, and most importantly, the culture and colleagues that the modern risk and insurance operations environment demands.

Critical Thinking Delivered

ArtisanWorks' Group of trusted advisers drive, design, engineer, support, and sustain specialty risk management, insurance, claims management, and related litigation solutions that help your organization protect and enhance its enterprise value.

 We're Specialists, not generalists​

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