Listening. Expertise. Thought Leadership.  

That's our Secret.  That's our Approach.  

The Artisan Approach, flexibility, agility, lean processes, expertise

Organizational Approach

Our foundation is built upon organizational agility, lean processes, and subject-matter expertise in place of rigid hierarchies.  Our vision is clear and common.  Our Group acts as one in helping our clients identify their jugular issues, devise value-added solutions for them, and, in turn, deliver those solutions locally through the last mile of execution in a timely, effective, thorough, seamless and cost-efficient manner.  We listened to the industry and designed Artisan in response.

Group Approach

We focus on specific industries.  This approach allows us to develop strong technical expertise in these industries, their claims, and strategies for managing claims to the best outcome.  From understanding each industry’s distinctive terms and vocabulary to in-depth knowledge of segment specific Best Practices that drives the outcome of a claim, your designated Artisan Group brings expertise and efficiencies that resolve issues, avoids litigation, and drives claims to a better resolution.

Sub-Practice Approach

Leadership.  We begin and end tasks with leadership.  Our workforce of staff and contracted operators bring thought leadership to each process of each task of each service - delivering uncommon results.  


We've developed an extensive network of industry professionals and have strategic relationships in place which allow us to adjust claims promptly, efficiently, consistently, and expertly.  Specialists are assigned to provide solutions - not generalists.  


                                                                                                     We continue to listen. 


Insurance segments fuel our imagination like nothing else.  Unlimited information to study with countless ways to take action.  Boundless opportunity for improving claims processes and results.

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