Data, analytics, and technology for a holistic perspective. 

Through data, analytics, technology, knowledge experts, and insurance domain expertise, ArtisanWorks' Audit elps you take a holistic, anticipatory approach to risk that informs strategic decisions and aligns corporate objectives.


Our suite of audit services provides our clients the empirical data and analysis to ensure operational efficiency, identify and prevent errors, waste, and deviation, strengthen internal controls, and save money.


Our Audit Group practice helps organizations accomplish objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.  


Audit Services for all insurance line, including ADR and litigated files (pre/post conclusion):


  • Insurance Audits performed onsite or offsite - identifying and analyzing loss, leakage, quality, risk management, scope creep, liability exposures, and emerging risk.

  • External and Internal Audits

  • Analysis of investigation and settlement evaluation.

  • Analysis of reserving accuracy and efficiency.

  • Claims expenditure analysis for maximum cost-effectiveness.

  • Portfolio review for validity and correctness of all provisions.

  • Examination of funded retention, leases, trust or bond indentures, and other documents of risk planning importance.

  • Measurement of current risk management methods against the identified exposures.

  • Post-audit White Paper presentation detailing objective findings and recommendations for program-specific and organizational optimization.

  • Provides continuing counsel on all risk management and insurance-related matters throughout the engagement term.

  • Credible claims analytic expertise that facilitates successful, accurate, and objective audit outcomes.


We measure quality, leakage, liability, claims process weakness, benchmarking, and provide our Domain expertise to attack inefficiencies, all while meeting and exceeding your expectations.  Let us show you the power of your data.



Critical Thinking Delivered.


With the strategic objective to be a leader in risk evaluation, Artisan's Audit Group works hand in hand with some of the industry’s best minds to deliver the most current thinking on matters of critical importance to our clients.






We use powerful analytic engines to provide risk and inefficiency insights previously viewed only in isolation. 




Let us show you how powerful your data can be.


Contact us by phone, email, or via our social media channels.


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