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ArtisanWorks' claims professionals work expeditiously and efficiently to mitigate the loss, rapidly return assets to pre-loss condition,

and to achieve significant cost and time savings for both insured and insurer.  Our professional adjusters also provide clients with

pre-loss planning and counsel to minimize loss opportunities, exposure, and liability.


Our service goes far beyond simply valuing losses - we understand that a loss often has serious consequences.  We recognize that

any loss is a client touchpoint for you, and a serious life event for your clients.  We work with your policyholders in a compassionate

yet efficient way to get them back on with their lives, all the while meeting our client commitments.  


Individualized oversight and management of client accounts is a hallmark of our Adjuster Group client relations. The Account Claims Manager communicates the client's standards and requirements to our claims staff, and we adjust, review, and conclude the files accordingly, ensuring guidelines are followed and service levels are attained. This individualized approach to claims management ensures uniform and consistent product delivery to each client based on that client's unique and specific instructions and needs.



Why Take Advantage of ArtisanWorks' Adjusting and Examination Services?

  • Individualized and watchful oversight in the management of client’s accounts

  • Uniform and consistent product delivery

  • Safeguarded to ensure all guidelines and service levels are adhered to

  • Application of the Artisan Continuous Performance Improvement process



We ensure quality in quantity for you by applying our Lean Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI) process for every claim we receive.  Our CPI team, process, and culture encompasses all corporate levels.  


Our CPI begins before we accept your claims.  Our CPI continues during the claims process.  And our CPI continues after the claims process.



We enjoy talking about our specialty Groups - reach out to us for more detail. 

ArtisanWorks' Adjuster Group claims professionals are Specialists 
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