Catastrophe.  Contingencies.  Uncertainty.  Opportunity. 

Empowering you through the unexpected. 

We specialize in Commercial and Residential Property business lines to identify risks and exposures, and alternative design methods for treating these exposures by implementing effective organizational claims management optimization. 


The Artisan Planning Group is uniquely positioned to help you.  We apply our specialty domain expertise and experience working with Fortune 500 companies, smaller firms, and governmental entities developing customized processes.  Our Catastrophe & Contingency Planning  Group prepare our clients to handle and control the inevitability of catastrophe from a position of proactive strength, with holistic, forward-looking planning.  We provide clients with customized, actionable recommendations craft a targeted, customized plan to best suit your planning needs.

We employ a combination of science, technology, engineering knowledge, and statistical data to simulate the impacts of natural and manmade perils in terms of damage and loss.  

Our catastrophe modeling leverages computing power with our specialty claims analystics to fill the gaps left in historical experience.

Apply our specialty claims analytic expertise to help realize and resize value from your data assets.

The Artisan Planning Group elicits independent peer review and expert judgment to ensure that the models capture the full range of potential future catastrophe experience, including the most extreme events that may not have occurred historically.  Critical metrics for understanding and quantifying catastrophe risk:


  • Average Annual Loss (AAL): The loss that can be expected to occur per year, on average, over a period of many years

  • Exceedance Probability (EP): The likelihood that a loss of any given size (or greater) will occur in the coming year

  • Probable Maximum Loss (PML): The largest potential loss for a given exposure, often defined in terms of a specific exceedance probability

  • Tail Value at Risk (TVaR): The expected value of loss beyond a specific exceedance probability



Our Planning Group services affords cost containment initiatives by risk identification and understanding the ever changing catastrophe possibilities.  Our tailored  Planning Group provides peace of mind in knowing you are prepared to control a crisis of any scale and scope.   

The result?  You can confidently move forward with strategic business decisions and put human and fiscal capital to optimal use, unlocking opportunity and manage risk.

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