Renowned Credible Insurance Litigation Expertise

Our Litigation Group is at the forefront of supporting clients’ risk and insurance litigation needs.  Our advisors hold deep experience in policy and loss-specific complex issues critical to litigation success.  Our proven record of success providing specialized risk and insurance litigation consulting continues to meet the demanding expectations of our clients and their counsel, from investigation and discovery to expert analysis, effective communication, and proven negotiation success.


You need rich data mining capabilities and robust, discrete analytics.  Our sub-practice brings just that.  From high-level policy interpretation measurement to individual estimatic replication, our Litigation Management domain expertise enhances decision-making processes, enabling our clients to make reasoned and fair decisions.

We help solve difficult and protracted insurance claims, disputes, and litigation.  We successfully prepare our clients for settlement negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, or trial.  Our specialists provide sophisticated, objective, statistical, claims analysis litigation consulting, and we're dedicated to finding successful solutions.


   Areas of expertise:

  • Arbitration

  • Bad Faith  

  • Coverage

  • Mediation

  • Pre-suit

  • Trial

  • Valuation

  • Insurance Concepts and Terminology

  • Creation of Insurance Relationship

  • Policy Contents: Anatomy of an Insurance Policy

  • Termination, Reformation, and Rescission

  • Extracontractual Liability

Multi-line Coverage Analysis:

  • 1st Party Coverages

  • 3rd Party Coverages

  • Multiple Insurers on Risk

  • Statutory and Administrative Regulation

  • Practice and Procedure

Our professionals have a proven track record of effectively managing a broad range of engagements such as high-profile, discreet investigations and disputes, large file count cases, and the application of methodologies and analytics to innovate, improve performance, reduce risk and achieve compliance. Our broad experience in these areas provides our clients effective and cost-efficient Litigation Management in today’s current legal environment.


We assist law firms, policyholders, insurance carriers and their counsel to evaluate insurance claims with renowned, credible expertise that facilitates successful, accurate litigation outcomes.


Critical Thinking Delivered.


Artisan's credible perspective provides straightforward evaluations of the strengths and weaknesses of each case, enabling our clients to formulate the best possible strategy throughout the adjudication process.​






We use powerful analytic engines to provide claim file indemnification accuracy and Bad Faith insights previously viewed only in isolation. 




Our litigation management expertise extends from individual claim file review to complex mass torts. We provide the critical data analysis and risk measurement you need.


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