Staffing - Outsource, Remote, Branch Assist.

Specialty Talent with Flexibility

ArtisanWorks' Managed Services Sourcing (MSS) delivers skilled consultants and claims professionals when and where you need, adding flexible claim management capacity while freeing your team to respond to high-volume events and routine attrition.  


We provide an efficient and effective end-to-end global risk and insurance sourcing management service.  Staff sourcing with ArtisanWorks assures consistent application of internal policies, Best Practices, processes, and methodology. 


ArtisanWorks' MSS holds a process methodology that when applied takes the contracting organization to a new level of process maturity, not merely a goal specific outcome.

Our Managed Services Sourcing (MSS) staffs insurance projects, programs, and responds to and meets your business objectives - via outsourcing, remote assignments, and Branch Assist.  

Large and Small

Key Benefits

  • Rapid access to missing capabilities and skills

  • Accommodate staff shortages due to unexpected events

  • Avoidance of hiring and de-hiring costs

  • Easy, agile contracting

  • Costs scalable to demand

  • Cost model transparent

  • Committed scope and term

  • Immediate productivity

  • Staffing options featuring a flexible and talented workforce

  • Segmented insurance Subject Matter Experts for all horizontals and verticals

  • Bespoke programs and project pricing

MSS Services Includes

  • Curated candidate database, tracking licensing, credentialing, CE, professional development

  • Liability and Workers Comp Insurance Coverages

  • State and Federal new hire and employee reporting compliance

  • Detailed candidate credit reports

  • Full background checks

  • Regular, complete, up to date drug screenings

  • All payroll administration functions

  • Data security for remotely placed positions

  • Single contact Account Management

  • Managed projects as needed



Staffing That Fits You​

We match our pre-sourced Insurance Talent for your specific need 


We provide Specialists - not generalists.

On-Demand Teams

ArtisanWork’s resource-centric model provides economies of scale with increased agility, encapsulated to afford a shared common set of outcomes.

Partnership is our key to success.

Experience the reasons our clients engage our MSS time after time.

Contact us by phone, email, or via our social media channels.


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