Property Risk and Insurance Consulting


What you need to know is not always what you want to hear. 

Our consulting and advisory services amplify your competitive edge through data, analytics, applied with deep industry expertise.  We provide innovative solutions and help identify emerging issues before they become business challenges.  Our unique blend of expertise, optimized processes, data science, and integrated technology provides robust, end-to-end solutions.  

We offer scalable staffing for risk, insurance, and tangible property valuation  projects and programs via onsite or remote outsourcing, contract placement, and recruiting. ​

We monitor project and program specific metrics and provide live access to key claim, premium, cost driver reports, variance intelligence, data accuracy, and company validation methods to recognize trends and improve outcomes.  


Metrics include: 

  • Leakage and discrete rationale

  • Coverage Determination

  • Loss ratio reports  

  • Large loss reports

  • Reserve development  

  • Empty reserves report

  • Reserve variance reports 

  • Defense attorney expense report

  • Loss triangles  

  • Inactivity report 

  • Member lag time report   

  • 80% Paid to incurred report 

  • Incident trending analysis 

Beyond our developed reports, we engineer and customize reporting to your specifications. 



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