Talent Acquisition and Training


Attracting and retaining new, emerging talent - that's a big problem.

Talent acquisition and retention are two of our clients' biggest concerns, and among the industry's most pressing issues.


The high average age in the insurance industry, outmoded processes, and organizational structures tethered to past generational traits are simply not appealing to younger job candidates. 


We recognize and respect the deep wealth of knowledge that will exit our industry in the next few years.  We also believe strongly in the next generation.  That's why we developed our Holistic Training Program and Cumulative Mentoring, to transform talent, not simply forward resumes.  We empower candidates to strengthen your brand and grow your bottom line through our innovative approach and critical thinking. 


ArtisanWorks specializes in sourcing, training, and mentoring candidates with STEM aptitude and social competence.  Our Holistic Training Program helps refine these skills within the context of your organization's values and growth initiatives.  Cumulative Mentoring enables invaluable knowledge transfer from late-career professionals within your organization and network.



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